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Temporary Export & International Manager service

Discover my method for expanding your business abroad.
Specialist in the Italian, Spanish and Swedish markets

    My activity as Temporary Export & International Manager will help you to identify new business opportunities

    The support that my professional role will give you is expressed in three key points:

    • Expand your presence abroad by diversifying the risk of your business generated by a limitation to national activity
    • Increase your customer portfolio by selling abroad, and consequently the value of your company
    • Increase company turnover through new business opportunities
    With dedication and passion I help companies (SMEs) to internationalize in the Spanish, Italian and Swedish markets. The in-depth knowledge and constant presence in these three markets has allowed me to specialize in each of them. I accompany SMEs in their international development process, guaranteeing operational flexibility, modular costs based on the type of activity and commitment required, and the management of the business directly on site, ultimately assisting the company in all phases of the sales process.

    Skills and results


    Efforts and operational difficulties

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    The added value of my method

    I support companies in increasing their sales through expansion beyond national borders. Through a tailor-made activity, I support the company in all phases of business development. My strength? The ability to modulate the business based on the needs of the company through a purely Tailor Made Method.

    The activities I offer as a
    Temporary Export & International Manager:

    Creation of an international business development and action plan


    Research activities related to the dynamics of the target markets

    Individual business opportunities abroad

    Organization, coordination and execution of commercial activities directly in the destination country

    Results analysis and continuous adjustment of business development strategy

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    The advantages of my outsourced service for your company:

    The main advantages can be defined in terms of cost optimization and in the obtained results. The Temporary Management service supports you in the acquisition of vertical skills, avoiding the investment in internal resources. This choice of service brings significant benefits in the management of business challenges: greater effectiveness of organizational processes, an objective contribution alongside the entrepreneur, a periodic review to strengthen the strategy, and a total focus on achieving results in the new market.